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Embryo Transfer Set

Cervix Catheter in combination with the soft, flexible Embryo Transfer Catheter as a 2-piece complete set

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • 2-piece complete set consisting of a cervix catheter and an embryo transfer catheter
    • Non-embryotoxic
    • MEA and LAL tested

    Cervix catheter:

    • Consisting of low-friction catheter material
    • Pre-shaped, equipped with distal olive
    • Echogenic catheter tip that guarantees very good ultrasound visibility
    • Distal depth markings
    • Adjustable depth stopper for individually adjustable penetration depth
    • Ergonomic hand grip for comfortable, confident introduction
    • Luer-Lock connection for attaching a Luer syringe

    Embryo-transfer catheter:

    • Soft, low-friction, flexible material
    • Catheter tip ends in a rounded soft tip.
    • Ergonomic hand grip design facilitates confident positioning of the embryo.
    • Luer-Lock connector ensures loss-free attachment with syringe

    • Packaging Unit: 25 pieces

    The SOMATEX® Embryo Transfer Set consists of the Cervix Catheter and the flexible, soft Embryo Transfer Catheter. The materials used have been carefully processed and are guaranteed to be non-embryotoxic. The gamma-sterilised 2-piece complete set is MEA (Mouse Embryo Assay) and LAL (Endotoxin Assay) tested.

    Cervix Catheter
    The Cervix Catheter is made of low-friction material. It is pre-shaped and equipped with a distal olive. It is used as a guide catheter in the procedure for introducing in vitro (IVF) fertilised oocytes into the uterine cavity. The cervix catheter is distinguished by its olive at the tip, which facilitates the introduction of the catheter through the cervix. Distal depth markings and an adjustable depth stopper make individually adjustable penetration depth possible depending on the anatomical conditions. The ergonomic hand grip provides confident and comfortable guidance of the instrument during the procedure. An integrated Luer-Lock connection allows attachment of a Luer syringe.

    Embryo Transfer Catheter
    The Embryo Transfer Catheter is atraumatic and forms the inner component of the complete set. It consists of soft, low-friction and flexible material, which promotes optional positioning of the embryo and at the same time ensures the intrauterine protection of the patient. The catheter tip ends in a rounded soft tip, which is particularly atraumatic. A proximal marking indicates the correct positioning for the user. The ergonomic hand grip design allows for the cervix catheter to be comfortably inserted and for the confident positioning of the embryo. An integrated Luer-Lock adapter ensures lossless attachment to the syringe.

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