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Follicle Aspiration Set (without 3-way valve)

Multi-part complete set with single-lumen aspiration needle for confident and gentle oocyte retrieval

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Assured and gentle oocyte retrieval
    • Complete set with all relevant instruments consisting of a follicle aspiration needle, tubing fittings and silicone sealing plug
    • Atraumatic and gentle to tissue

    Follicle aspiration needle:

    • Single-lumen cannula
    • Needle tip provided with particularly sharp bevel-ground point
    • Outstanding echogenicity due to additional proximal ultrasound markings on the cannula tip
    • Distal markings on the cannula shaft allow for very good depth orientation
    • Ergonomic hand grip design with Luer-Lock connector for seamless tubing/needle connection
    • Atraumatic and gentle to tissue


    • Tubing fittings made of bend-resistant material
    • Multi-compatible medical silicone sealing plug
    • Luer-Lock connectors
    • Packaging Unit: 10 pieces

    The SOMATEX® Follicle Aspiration Set consists of the follicle aspiration needle, the removable tubing fittings and a sealing plug made of medical silicone. The core component of the complete set is the follicle aspiration needle; particular attention was paid to the development of this component.

    Follicle aspiration needle:

    The follicle aspiration needle is a single-lumen cannula with ergonomic hand grip. It is distinguished by its particularly sharp bevel-ground point, which means that it is atraumatic and gentle to tissue. At the same time, the particularly sharp needle tip guarantees very good ultrasound visibility. Additional ultrasound markings at the proximal end of the cannula shaft increase the outstanding echogenicity of the aspiration needle. The cannula surface has a low-friction coating and has maximal stability because of its metal alloy material. Distal centimetre markings on the cannula shaft allow for very good depth orientation during use. The follicle aspiration needle is equipped with an ergonomic grip with an integrated Luer-Lock connector, which ensures comfortable and confident handling and guarantees optimal tubing/needle connection.

    Tubing fittings with a sealing plug:
    In addition to the aspiration needle, the complete set includes tubing fittings made of bend-resistant material with Luer-Lock adapters. A 1-meter aspiration tubing is available for connecting to a vacuum pump. Also provided is a sealing plug of medical silicone, which universally fits all commercially available sample vials.

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