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Bone Marrow

Histological puncture and cytological aspiration of bone marrow from the iliac crest

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Bone marrow biopsy system for the histological and cytological aspiration of bone marrow from the iliac crest
    • Internal tissue specimen securing ridge enables the fixation of the sample
    • Easy handling, best material quality and excellent workmanship

    Puncture cannula:

    • Cannula made of stainless steel offers maximum stability to the cannula shaft
    • Tapered tip
    • Biopsy securing ridge to hold the collected biopsy specimen.
    • Trocar with extremely sharp diamond ground point for easy penetration of the cortex


    • Ergonomically shaped handle for optimum application of pressure and steady handling
    • Second closure cap to prevent blood from escaping at the proximal end of the cannula
    • Biopsy slide with measurement function
    • Luer-Lock connector to attach syringes
    • Packaging Unit: 25 piece

    The proven SOMATEX® Bone Marrow System for histological puncture and cytological aspiration of bone marrow from the iliac crest is characterised by an internally located securing ridge for biopsy material.

    Puncture cannula:
    The puncture cannula is made of stainless steel, offers maximal stability and has a tapered tip. The biopsy chamber inside the cannula is equipped with a securing ridge above the cannula cutting edge to retain biopsy specimens. The securing ridge enables the retaining of the sample inside the cannula shaft, which means a step forward in reliability during tissue sampling. The trocar positioned in the puncture cannula is equipped with an extremely sharp diamond-ground tip that allows for easy penetration of the cortex.

    The enclosed biopsy slide with measurement function reliably indicates the size of the severed biopsy specimen. The insertion aid facilitates the application of the measuring slide.

    The ergonomically designed handle makes it possible to apply optimum pressure during the procedure. An attached, second closure cap for the needle grip helps prevent blood from escaping from the proximal end of the cannula.

    Vacuum-supported tissue sampling is supported by a Luer Lock connector to attach syringes.

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    CT-Guided Biopsy in Suspected Spondylodiscitis – The Association of Paravertebral Inflammation with Microbial Pathogen Detection

    Daniel Spira1, Thomas Germann1, Burkhard Lehner2, Stefan Hemmer2, Michael Akbar2, Jessica Jesser3, Marc-André Weber1, Christoph Rehnitz1

    1 Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 110, 69120
    Heidelberg, Germany,

    2 Clinic for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, University Hospital Heidelberg,
    Schlierbacher Landstrasse 200a, 69118 Heidelberg, Germany

    3 Department of Neuroradiology, University
    Hospital Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 400, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

    PLoS One11.1 (Jan 2016)

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