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Soft Tissue Biopsy

Number of products: 6

  • Somacore Automatic

    Somacore Automatic

    Fully automatic biopsy instrument for taking soft tissue samples

  • Biopsy Handy

    Biopsy Handy

    Semi-automatic biopsy system for precise collection of histologically usable soft tissue/ organ tissue

  • Puncture Sheath

    Puncture Sheath

    Puncture cannula for multiple tissue collection for the SOMATEX® Biopsy Handy, Somacore Verify 18 mm or other biopsy systems

  • Broncho Cut Expert

    Broncho Cut Expert

    Bronchoscopically guided trans-bronchial fine-needle aspiration (TBNA) of suspect lesions

  • Core Biopsy Needle

    Core Biopsy Needle

    Core Biopsy Needle for Bard Magnum® Biopsy System

  • Core Biopsy Puncture Sheath

    Core Biopsy Puncture Sheath

    Puncture cannula for Core Biopsy Needle