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Broncho Cut Expert

Bronchoscopically guided trans-bronchial fine-needle aspiration (TBNA) of suspect lesions

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Trans-bronchial fine needle aspiration (TBNA) of suspect lesions
    • Gentle procedure even when using size 1.0 with, at the same time, 3x more cytologically usable tissue material
    • Compatible for bronchoscopes with a working channel of 2.0 to 2.6 mm diameter

    Guiding catheter:

    • Flexible, radiopaque and distally transparent
    • Very good orientation with distal markings located internally
    • 1200 mm long catheter tubing for adequate freedom of movement during the procedure

    Puncture cannula:

    • Extremely sharp puncture needle due to the bevelled-ground point
    • Particularly atraumatic tissue penetration

    Comfortable handling:

    • Reliable locking of the cannula position
    • Very good transfer of puncture-force during puncture
    • Very good transfer of negative pressure
    • Packaging Unit: 10 pieces

    The SOMATEX® Broncho-Cut Expert for bronchoscopically guided trans-bronchial fine needle aspiration (TBNA) makes a procedure possible for obtaining cytoscopically useful tissue material that is gentle for the patient. Broncho-Cut Expert offers a valuable alternative to conventional surgical biopsy methods.

    The system is compatible for bronchoscopes with a working channel of 2.0 to 2.6 mm diameter.

    Depth of penetration
    In the case of perpendicular perforation, the puncture needle penetrates the tissue up to a maximum of 12 mm beyond the bronchial wall.

    For perforation of the trachea at a sharp angle up to a maximum of 3 mm beyond the mucous membrane.

    Guiding catheter
    The flexible catheter is radiopaque and distally transparent. The internally located marking allows for easy control of the positioning. The 1200 mm length of the catheter tubing allows for sufficient freedom of movement between the physician and the assistant when performing the procedure.

    Puncture needle
    The extremely sharp bevelled ground point of the puncture needle allows for particularly atraumatic penetration of the tissue.

    Hand grip
    The grip part is ergonomically designed and can be reliably locked in two needle positions. The end of the hand grip has a one-way valve that enables connection of conventional syringe types to create a vacuum.

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