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Puncture Sheath

Puncture cannula for multiple tissue collection for the SOMATEX® Biopsy Handy, Somacore Verify 18 mm or other biopsy systems

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Multi-use sheath system
    • Ideal for multiple sampling of tissues with the SOMATEX® Biopsy Handy, Somacore Verify 18 mm or other biopsy systems
    • Can be used for initial puncture
    • As sheath for guide needles, catheters and guide wires
    • Ideal as injection and drainage cannula

    Puncture sheath:

    • Made of a stable metal alloy
    • Cannula consisting of a round-blunt tip
    • On the inside, a pencil-tip mandrin with a sharp trocar point
    • Particularly good visibility of the cannula tip with ultrasound during the procedure
    • Especially low puncture trauma
    • Enclosed internal mandrin also allows for maximum cannula stability
    • Packaging Unit: 10 piece

    The SOMATEX® puncture sheath is especially suitable as sheath in multiple sampling of soft tissue with the Biopsy Handy, Somacore Verify 18 mm or other biopsy systems. It is also ideal for initial puncture applications, as a sheath for catheters and guide wires and can be used as an injection and drainage cannula.

    Puncture sheath
    The puncture cannula is made of a metal alloy that permits problem-free use with ultrasound guidance. The sheath consists of a round-blunt cannula and a pencil-tip mandrin. The cannula shaft is equipped with centimetre markings to guarantee optimum depth orientation during use. 

    Pencil-tip mandrin
    The Pencil-tip mandrin is equipped with a particularly sharp trocar point and offers excellent ultrasound visibility. In addition, the mandrin guarantees maximum cannula stability and is especially atraumatic.

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