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Somacore Automatic

Fully automatic biopsy instrument for taking soft tissue samples

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Fully automatic biopsy instrument
    • Excellent and reliable quality of biopsy samples by a large sample notch and sharp cutting cannula
    • Superior and intuitive handling through lightweight product design and 2 trigger buttons
    • Its two triggers enable a variety of handling techniques during the biopsy in accordance with the individual clinical case
    • Safety mechanism to prevent unintentional activation

     Biopsy cannula with metal stylet:

    • Low puncture trauma due to sharp-ground outer needle
    • Internally located, very sharp metal stylet with 18 mm sample notch
    • Improved ultrasound visibility by echogenic markings
    • Centimeter markings along the entire needle enable pinpoint accuracy during use
    • Highly rigid cannula


    • Color coded for easy needle size identification
    • Ergonomic handle for effortless instrument operation
    • When fitting the cannula, first the cannula is tensioned using slide 1 before slide 2 is used to tension the stylet


    • Packaging Unit: 10 pieces

    The Somacore Automatic biopsy instrument is used for taking soft tissue samples from, for example, the breast, liver, kidney, prostate, spleen, lymph nodes and a variety of soft tissue tumors. Its intuitive and agile one-handed operation makes this the perfect instrument for taking tissue samples with pinpoint accuracy. The Somacore Automatic is a single use disposable biopsy instrument. This guarantees efficiency and accuracy when taking high-quality histological soft tissue samples. Coaxial puncture cannulas are optional available. Its two triggers enable a variety of handling techniques during the biopsy in accordance with the individual clinical cases. The biopsy instrument offers a variety of diameters and lengths (14-20 Gauge/100-200 mm length).

    Cannula and metal stylet:
    The biopsy cannula consists of a very sharp metal stylet with 18 mm sample notch and an equally sharp-ground outer cannula that ensures an efficient sample taking process. During the biopsy, after triggering of the process, the soft tissue material is severed by an extremely rapid forward movement of the outer cannula. Consequently, the biopsy material taken is always of a consistent quality without the formation of crush artifacts.

    The biopsy cannula is extremely sharp due to its faceted grinding and is therefore particularly atraumatic for patients during tissue puncture. The cannula as a whole is extremely rigid and its centimeter markings enable accurate depth penetration. The echogenic needle tip ensures optimum ultrasound visibility throughout the procedure.

    The ergonomic handle of the biopsy instrument enables easy, user-friendly and secure positioning of the needle in the tissue. The color coded devices clearly identify the different needle sizes.

    Multiple tissue sampling:
    A Puncture Sheath can be supplied as an optional accessory to the Somacore Automatic.

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