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Correctable wire marking system for the preoperative marking of non-palpable, suspicious breast lesions using imaging techniques

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Correctable localisation system for the preoperative marking of non-palpable, suspicious breast lesions

    Marking wire:

    • Twisted Nitinol double wire with distal double arches and extremely sharp bevelled wire tips ensure a firm anchorage in the tissue
    • Variably tight twisting of the wire serves as depth markings for the surgeon and provides information on the distance to the tumor center
    • Good visibility during mammography and ultrasound thanks to the special material and surface quality, as well as the arched shape of the marking wire
    • Highest stability of form and resistance to pressure together with simultaneous flexibility
    • Enclosed fixing clip enables secure fixing of the wire after application

    Puncture cannula:

    • Optimal visibility in the mammography and during ultrasound and MRI
    • Depth markings on the cannula shaft enable optimal orientation during the application
    • High needle stability
    • Particularly sharp and atraumatic due to the faceted bevel
    • Good gliding features due to the cannula coating

    • Packaging Unit: 10 pieces

    The SOMATEX® Duo-System is a correctable localisation set for the marking of non-palpable, suspicious breast lesions. The Duo-System consists of the puncture cannula and a preloaded marking wire with a distal double arch.

    The marking wire is made of a twisted double wire made of Nitinol with a double-arch shape. The tips of the double arches are extremely sharp-bevelled and ensure a firm anchorage in the tissue (double-loop technique) The shape of the double arches allows for the smooth withdrawal of the marking wire of the Duo-System into the cannula and its re-release to carry out a positional correction if necessary. Markings on the wire provide the operator with information as to whether the wire is located inside or outside of the cannula. Furthermore, the significantly tighter twisting at the head of the marker wire functions as depth marking and facilitates the intra-operative localisation of findings for the surgeon.

    The puncture cannula is equipped with a sharp bevelled edge. Subsequently, the penetration of the skin is particularly atraumatic and patient-friendly. The cannula shaft has been provided with centimetre markings to allow for depth orientation. Due to its coating the puncture cannula has good lubricating features.

    The Duo-System is delivered sterile and in a preloaded condition, including a fixation part to avoid dislocations and is ready for immediate use.

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    Marking Wire Placement for Improved Accuracy in Thoracic Spinal Surgery
    Sebastian A. Ahmadia, Catharina Schröterb, Patric Kröpilc, Philipp J. Slottya, Hans-Jakob Steigera, Sven O. Eickera

    We preoperatively inserted a flexible marking wire derived from breast cancer surgery (Somatex Duo-System correctable localization kit, Somatex Medical Technologies GmbH, Teltow, Germany) with computed tomography (CT-) guidance (Siemens CARE Vision CT, Siemens ...

    Elsiver Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, 28. January 2014

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