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Tumark Vision MRI

Percutaneous marking of suspicious breast lesions under MRI control with a U-shaped clip marker

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Perkutane Markierung suspekter Mammaläsionen unter MR-Kontrolle mit einem kugelförmigen Clip
    • In Größe und Form für die Anwendung innerhalb der MR-Gantry konzipiert


    • Percutaneous marking of suspicious breast lesions under MR control with a U-shaped clip
    • In size and shape designed for use in the MR gantry

    Clip marker:

    • Premium clip marker with echogenic sphere advantageous for e.g. second look sonography and ultrasound controlled wire marking
    • 3D nitinol wire mesh for secure anchoring in the soft tissue
    • Marker is expanding to spherical shape for fixation in the tissue
    • Localization by “eye catching” shape

    Puncture cannula:

    • Particularly sharp and atraumatic due to the faceted bevel
    • High needle stability
    • Depth markings on the cannula shaft provide optimal orientation during the application
    • Ergonomic handle grip with easy-to-use slider to eject the clip marker

    • Packaging Unit: 10 pieces

    Tumors in the breast tissue can be marked with the SOMATEX® Tumark Vision MRI or biopsy sampling points under MRI control in a patient-friendly and minimally invasive manner. The marking of the affected tissue area is carried out by means of a spherical shaped Nitinol marking clip. The Tumark Vision MRI exactly suits the application within the MR gantry in shape and size so that the intervention can be performed easily in the MRI tube.

    The Tumark Vision MRI marker system consists of a MR compatible puncture cannula with ergonomic handle and easy-to-use slider to place the clip marker in the desired location.

    Puncture cannula:
    The puncture cannula is particularly rigid and the puncture is carried out by means of its sharp-faceted bevel in an atraumatic and patient-friendly manner. In addition, the cannula coating provides good lubricating features. The cannula shaft is equipped with centimetre markings to guarantee optimal depth orientation during the application.

    The spherical shaped clip marker consists of the biocompatible metallic implant material Nitinol. The mesh wire surface composing of many single nitinol wires. The 3D-marker design provides optimum visibility from different angles and is usable during ultrasound, mammography and in MRI. With the Tumark Vision MRI, MR controlled operations up to 3 Tesla can be performed.

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