Company History

Looking back at more than 25 years of company history

1992 - Founding of SOMATEX® Medizintechnische Instrumente GmbH by Frank Kniep.

1993 – First puncture and biopsy needles developed, patented, produced and sold.

1995 - Development and production of our first MR-compatible products as a milestone in the work of the young company.

1996 - In collaboration with the Charité in Berlin, the future-oriented technology of laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy (LITT) was developed. The concept of LITT was rewarded and recognized with the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Prize and the Stauffer Prize.

1997 – The development of "Bone Marrow", a single-use cannula for bone marrow biopsy, was the starting point of a product line intended for Hematology/Oncology.

1998 – SOMATEX® was successfully certified as being in compliance with EC standards. Likewise, the quality management system was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 46001 standards. Development and introduction into the market of product lines for prenatal diagnostics.

1999 - Development and patenting of a lung marking system. The system is used for preoperative marking of intrapulmonary, non-palpable lung lesions.

2000 – Various localization kits were developed to preoperatively mark non-palpable, suspicious breast lesions, including the correctable Duo localization system, which prevents dislocation of a wire from the tissue to be marked.

2001 – Development of needles, cement and accessories for vertebroplasty.

2002 - Move from Rietzneuendorf to Teltow, Germany.

2003 – A system for bone marrow biopsy was developed as an add-on to our Hematology/Oncology product line. Lock-wire technology prevents biopsate loss. Safe Cut® system patented.

2004 - Company name changed to "SOMATEX® Medical Technologies GmbH". DIN EN 13485 certification of the quality management system.

2005 - Tumark® system developed and patented for precise tissue marking. Broncho-Cut® to achieve a significant increase in the amount of biopsy material in aspiration cytology using video bronchoscopes, Broncho-Cut® makes it possible to remove up to the three times the amount of cytologically usable material compared to traditional systems. In June 2005, SOMATEX® was awarded the "TOP 100" quality seal for its outstanding innovative achievements. Newly-developed Tuloc® localization system introduced for preoperative marking of tumors in mammography. The monofilament marking wire in this system offers very high pressure stability and can be used even on tougher calcification deposits. Due to the low friction resistance of the wire in the tube, Tuloc® movement is extremely smooth and it can be precisely positioned. In 2005, SOMATEX® products were approved in Russia for the first time, thus advancing the company's internationalization.

2006 - SOMATEX® received the Deutschen Industrie Innovation Prize for the Cement Injection System (CIS®). FDA approval of SOMATEX® products for the US.

2007 - The International Chamber of Commerce of Potsdam awarded SOMATEX® the Recognition Prize for the Duo System Premium. Development of lead-free eye protection for eye lens and thyroid, CT-Eye ProteX and CT-Gland ProteX. Launch of the Soft Drainage One-Step Flex and Soft Drainage One-Step Short flexible and short soft drainage products.

2008 – New series of SOMATEX® MR products introduced. Through the use of new materials, SOMATEX® sets new standards in the field of MRI: minimal artifacts with optimal visibility and high strength.

2009 - The SOMATEX® online shop opens on the Web, SOMATEX® is among the pioneers in B2B distribution of medical devices. Development of Tuloc® Premium for preoperative marking with just one hand.

2010 - Registration of SOMATEX® products in Brazil and patenting of the SOMATEX® Safe Cut® in the US. Launch of the new clip marking system: Tumark® Flex, Tumark® Trio and Tumark® MRI.

2011 – Registration of SOMATEX® products in China.

2012 - Launch of the new product line for assisted reproduction used for egg extraction, embryo transfer and insemination.

2013 - "Online content management" created to enhance the eCommerce channel.

2014 - A group of entrepreneurs headed by WESTLAKE PARTNERS assumes the majority of SOMATEX® Medical Technologies GmbH (Teltow) as E-Med Solutions GmbH (Berlin). The participation of an experienced, successful group of entrepreneurs should make greater use of the various potentials for growth of SOMATEX® in the coming years. In late 2014, SOMATEX® (HK) Ltd is founded as a subsidiary of SOMATEX® Medical Technologies, to expedite distribution in the Asian markets.

2015 - In early 2015, a new management team, consisting of André Cerbe (Managing Director), Nils Drewes (General Sales Manager) and Norbert Rohn (Technical Director) is established. Management's strategic focus is on sharpening the portfolio strategy, further internationalization and the development of new products. Right at the time of MEDICA 2015, the website is relaunched with a completely new design and a number of new features. In late 2015, SOMATEX® moves to the new offices in Berlin and Teltow is converted to a production, quality assurance and logistics center.

2016 - The new strategic direction bears its first fruits: Worldwide launch of the Intra Uterine Shunt with an 18 G cannula. The small cannula diameter helps minimize the risk of bladder rupture during puncture. Focus on further internationalization and development of core product groups. Patenting of Tumark® Vision.

Launch of the new company vision.

2017 - SOMATEX® celebrates its 25th anniversary. In the course of dynamic growth and further internationalization, SOMATEX® enlarges its management team. Jörg Heise was appointed as 2nd managing director and is responsible for research & development, product management, marketing and sales. Furthermore, Martin Heinhold as operations director has joined the management team, which is complemented by Nils Drewes (sales director). André Cerbe, former sole managing director, is delighted to strengthen the management team and will focus on the areas of purchasing, supply chain management, quality management, IT and finance. Besides that, a new state-of-the-art logistics center is opened up in Blankenfelde, Germany.