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Effective radiation protection for the thyroid gland during CT examinations

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    Product information

    Product details at a glance:

    • Thyroid protector for CT scanning examinations
    • Maximum thyroid protection through 45% reduction of radiation exposure
    • Minor artefacts
    • Lead-free and subsequently no problems with its disposal
    • Non-irritating holding strips contribute to a secure hold during examination
    • Supplied in a practical dispenser
    • Packaging Unit : 25 pieces

    The SOMATEX® CT-Gland ProteX offers maximum radiation protection for the thyroid gland during CT examinations. The thyroid gland is one of the human organs that is most sensitive to radiation. Therefore, protection of the thyroid gland is highly recommended during head CT procedures.

    Markedly reduced radiation exposure while maintaining diagnostic tomographic image quality
    CT-Gland ProteX is a novel radiation protection type that further reduces radiation exposure compared with previously used protectors. The innovative mixing of various metal components also allows for maintenance of the diagnostic tomographic image quality. The heavy metal, lead, which is detrimental to the environment, is completely avoided.

    CT protectors of various compositions were examined in a study at the TransMIT Centre for Applied Radiology Research of the Giessen and Marburg University Medical Centre. A significant dose reduction of about 45% was achieved with the SOMATEX® Protectors in an experimental comparison with the conventional lead-free bismuth protectors.* This represents a 25% increase in its protective effect compared with the previously available bismuth protectors, even considering the increased proportion of scattered photons behind the protector material.

    * Scientific study from the Giessen and Marburg University Medical Centre available on request

    With the CT-Gland ProteX thyroid protector, SOMATEX® is setting new standards in active radiation protection for the patient.

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